Journal #6: Campus event/activity entry

Assignment Information
As stated in our course syllabus, you are required to write and submit brief journal entries several times during the semester (see Course Schedule for due dates). For each entry:
• you will answer each question or group of related questions in depth
• you may include more information of your choice
• you should use this journal as an opportunity to ask for help with a problem or ask a question, perhaps one that you may not wish to share with the rest of the class
• I will read and respond to each of entry. I will treat your journal entries confidentially (unless I believe you are or another individual is in danger).

Campus Event/Activity Entries
Journals #4 and #6 are to be based on your participation in activities, workshops, and other school events outside of your classes. Information on these activities will be provided in class, posted on campus, and/or on the SNHU website. Please see me with questions regarding the appropriateness of your chosen events. You may choose from a broad variety of events available on campus and are expected to choose activities that are different from each other for this assignment. For each event you attend, discuss the following in your journal entry:
• What activity did you attend? When and where was the program? Why did you select this activity?
• How did you participate in the program?
• What did you learn that was new to you? How did this contribute to your understanding of why you are in college or your projected major or minor? (most of the entry should be focused on this question)

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