Business Studies

have now reviewed the structure of the Mini Cases that I would like you to follow when you write a case. These are attached as ‘Guidelines for Writing Mini Cases’. To reiterate, you need to ensure that each mini case includes the following:@
1) An introductory paragraph, summarizing what you are going to say.

2) The next paragraph must start with the following sentence: “After analyzing this (case/person/group), I have concluded that the main (problem(s) or opportunity(s)) for (the person or group in the case) are the following:”

3) “To address these problems/take advantage of these opportunities, I suggest that (the person or group) …”

4) “These recommendations are based on specific concepts that we have discussed in class or obtained from our book. First, in (chapter X/topic X/discussion X) I saw that (name specific concept here)…, which supports my recommendation of (refer to recommendation in number 2 above) … (applies or happened) because…

5) A concluding paragraph, summarizing the points you have made.


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