Communicating with Ethics and Integrity, part 2

(It is important to follow the steps)

1. Throughout this semester we have asked you to reflect on the ethical dimension of human communication in interpersonal and public communication. For this pod discussion, you should develop a set of ethical principles that you think should guide how people engage in interpersonal, small group, and public communication—a Code for Ethical Communication. This code should be a list of maxims, each with a brief explanation as to why you think the maxim is important to ethical communication. (Your explanation should include direct references to your text and readings.) Your code should display your knowledge of the course concepts you consider most important to ethical communication. Your code should contain at least three maxims related to interpersonal communication, three maxims related to small group communication, and three maxims related to public communication.

To help you, here are several examples of a principle or maxim:

We will employ symbols and language in the interests of engendering understanding and comprehension rather than ambiguity and confusion.
We shall endeavor to use language to instruct and reveal rather than to manipulate and conceal.
We will use persuasion to expand the choices open to every individual and to inform the individual of all facets of those choices. We will not use persuasion to obscure possibility or to remove from a person their human right to choose.
Before thinking, speaking, or acting, always be a careful and critical listener.
(NOTE: You should not use these examples in your code.)


2. Write two discussion questions you would like your pod members to address during the pod meeting that promote a reflection of the course, the course theme, and what you’ve learned this semester. Avoid short answer or bipolar questions (questions that involve yes/no, true/false). If your question involves asking others their opinion, you must be willing to first state and explain your opinion.


3. important: In one sentence, state the most important communication principle you have learned this semester. In one paragraph, explain why you think it’s the most important principle.

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