Population and migration

Write a News Summary of a “CURRENT EVENT”, focusing on “Population and migration”. (Look over Module 7 PowerPoint That I uploaded). Be sure to include the full citation or full URL of the media item you are using. Be sure to submit one paragraph that summarizes the media item and another paragraph that analyzes or critiques the media item. The first paragraph shows me you read the article. The second paragraph shows me you thought about it. DO NOT give me a copy of the article you are using. After finishing summary, it’s required to submit two, informed questions dealing with the module “Population and migration”. Questions will be graded based upon the following guidelines. Clarity and specificity Critical thinking Familiarity with material For example: A bad question: “How bad is poverty in Africa?”. A better question: “What are the most effective ways to lower global poverty levels?” A good question: “How effective are microcredit programs in reducing rural poverty levels in Africa?”

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