Case Study Assignment 2: A&B Company Communication Plan for Transformational Change.

Based on my weekly lectures, the Communication Guide from Week 1, and the reading from your texts, develop an internal communication strategy and plan to launch this transformation effort. You must use A&B Company as your subject. A&B Company is the fictitious company that I will be discussing in all of my lectures. So it is very important to read through the lectures each week. It is also important to read through the Communication Plan Forums that I will post each week.
The goal of the exercise is for you to experience how to construct a good communication plan to support a major change. You need to follow the communication plan template that is posted in Week 1. The paper should contain the proper tables (illustrated in the communication plan template) and text and you need to incorporate references from the reading and my lectures to support your conclusions. The paper should be 4,000 – 4,500 words.

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