You can use the readings attached to have a better understanding of how the five philosophers will define the situation and also to quote from the readings.


Using the written and lecture-based tools that have been supplied during the course of this grading period, you are to perform an analysis of the media and public’s response to the viral video featuring Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon’s interaction with an unfortunate Uber driver. The video has been posted to Moodle and can be easily found with a simple Google search. In regards to the media and public reaction, you should do a bit of research to familiarize yourself with the subsequent media coverage of Dr. Ramkissoon and any social media/blog postings regarding her behavior. You should ask yourself the basic questions:

-Is the public shaming of Dr. Ramkissoon deserved and appropriate for such an incident?

-What does the ideal response to Dr. Ramkissoon’s behavior look like?

In crafting your argument, you will need to choose at least two of the philosophers we have studied to provide the ethical backbone of your writing. The choice of the two philosophers is completely up to you, but I want you to demonstrate how the all-encompassing systems of Mill, Kant, Aristotle, or Epicurus would relate to the topic of public shaming. There is no single correct answer for which I am looking, I am judging the quality of your argument. The only thing that you need to worry about is presenting a concrete thesis and conclusion, and justification for your assertions. You should convince your reader that your argument is a sound one.

Things has to appear in the paper:

1.EVIDENCE OF AN ORIGINAL ANALYSIS—More than anything, I will be looking for evidence of your personal thought processes in your analysis of public shaming. Be bold enough to disregard the professional and amateur pundits that have weighed in on Dr. Ramkissoon’s behavior in order to formulate what you think is the moral response.

2. PROFICIENT APPLICATION OF THE ASSIGNED ESSAYS—This item is one of the primary elements on which I will assess your essay. You will need to demonstrate through the use of effective quotation and synopsis that you understand the nuances of the writers’ ideas. When quoting a text successfully, you should provide greater context for the quotation by relating it to the essay as a whole and to the subject you are discussing.

3. EFFECTIVE WRITING SKILLS—In your essay, I will assess your ability to craft a successful argument that is cited correctly using M.L.A. format and free of spelling, grammar, and syntax errors. Your writing should follow an organized, well thought-out essay structure that includes a clearly stated thesis that is appropriately qualified. You should be able to state your argument in the beginning of your writing, subsequently lead your reader through logically presented supporting information, and end with an interesting conclusion that is distinct from the thesis.

Things to avoid in the paper:

1. PERSONAL EXPERIENCES AND DECLARATIONS OF TASTE—In your essay, you should not include your own, unedited thought processes regarding any personal impressions of the ideas or the video. It takes some considerable skill in writing to effectively harness the first person “I” in an academic paper. Instead, provide your analysis using a neutral, academic tone.

2. YOUR BAD SPELLING AND GRAMMAR—I should not have to tell you this, but please proofread your papers before submitting them to me. Correct your spelling mistakes, improper grammar, sloppy syntax, poor word choice, and unorganized essay structure.

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