Part 1:
For this part of the assignment, you will make a basic outline of your Essay 3 argument by specifying your claim and then generating two lists: one of reasons that support your claim and one of objections to your argument. Once you have successfully completed this assignment, you will not only know that your claim is both arguable and defensible, but you will also know the main points of your argument and what objections you need to refute. Here’s an example:
1. Claim: Euthanasia is a humane and personal decision; therefore, it should be a legal option for the terminally ill.
2. Supporting Reasons:
• Humane act — if we euthanize suffering animals, why not extend the same courtesy to people?
• One has a right to die with dignity, not suffering and robbed of basic functions
• One has a right to one’s own body
• Family considerations — one might not want family to watch one suffer
• Financial considerations — one may not want to spend life’s savings to essentially extend suffering
3. Objections To:
• Religious objections
• Peer pressure — would one feel pressured by family to be euthanized?
• Defining “terminally ill” — would those not truly terminally ill be euthanized?
• Devalues life
Part 2:
Once you have finished Part 1 of this assignment, explain how you will refute the opposing viewpoints in your “Objections To” column. How will you show that those objections are either not valid or preferable? Will you have to concede a point? If so, how will you then show why your overall argument is still preferable?
• Please complete both parts of this assignment in one journal.
• Submit the Journal as a DOCX file
• For an excellent example of refutation, read Ed Koch’s “Death and Justice,” which appears as a PDF file in this week’s lesson.

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