Congress and its cozy triangles.

Answer the following questions in simple english:
Chpt 7

1. Explain Congress and its cozy triangles.

2. Explain incrementalism

3. Explain PACs and PIRGs.

Chpt 8

1. Explain the First Party System.

2. Explain the Second Party System.

3. Explain the Third Party System.

4. Explain the Fourth Party System.

5. Explain the Fifth Party System.

6. Explain a closed primary and open primary.

7. Explain a party machine and patronage.

8. Explain political ideology.

Chpt 9

1. Explain the current political campaign rules under the 2002 Act.

2. Explain 527 political organizations.
Chpt 10

1. Explain the Fairness Doctrine.

2. Explain the Presidential use of press conferences since Wilson.

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