Chapter 4
Closing Case study One and Closing Case study two (Pages 119-122)
Assignments and Exercises (Pages 123-124) question 2
I want you to read chapter 4 guide and answer the questions that I mentioned earlier. I upload chapter 4 guide. and I upload a screen pics of the pages that has the case study and the questions. also I want a discussion as well related to the topic.the discussion question is Describe the decision support role of specialized analytics like predictive analytics and text will find the decision support role of specialized analytics in chapter 4 in the book. here is the instruction for the discussion: All of the contributions that you make online during each week will be read. This is an important and meaningful part of the learning process. Participation will consist of bi-weekly online discussions on subjects provided. You need to have at least one original post and as well as a substantive comment or question on a fellow students post. Due dates for all discussion submissions are indicated in the discussion assignment each week. Make your online comments substantive. They should relate to your experience or your reading. They should not mention the specifics of the homework or its solution. A contribution may contain a question for the group to consider. A good question is one that you have thought about, whose answer would be useful for all, which does not have a ready answer in the text readings, and which is clearly phrased. The criteria for participation in the weekly online discussions are as follows: (i) Relevance This concerns the degree to which your postings are relevant to the stated topic for the week. (This should be an easy way for you to keep your discussion grade in reasonable territory.) (ii) Proportion of substantive contributions. This is the percentage of your on-line contributions that have significant content: 80% would be a good fraction (=B); 95% is definitely excellent (=A). Note that this criterion implies that “more is not necessarily better:” For example, 8 substantial contributions out of 10 will score higher on this criterion than 79 contributions out of 100 with mixed or poor substance. (iii) Usefulness of your week’s contributions for the rest of your group. This evaluates how useful and penetrating the totality of your comments and questions are in the context of each week’s specified focus. “A” work will result from a significant set of comments and questions that are very useful to you and to the class, and which show that you are developing excellent insight into the subject at hand. This criterion encourages you to be participatory (e.g., by responding to good questions and points posed by others). You should have an even rate of substantive postings throughout the week. (Contributions bunched at the end of the week are far less useful to your classmates.)

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