compare the highest 2 total in part 3A

Question #3 Use in-class Case Study Presentations on “Six Sigma application in Healthcare”- CS2
Part 3A: (page 1) Construct a table listing the following: Column 1: Four six sigma tools (one on each row).
Column 2: Case study presentation codes in front of each tool where it was used. Column 3: Total of all codes
Use the four Six Sigma Tools: SPC (control chart), Pareto Chart, Cause and Effect diagram, and Histogram
Select 2 tools with the highest count (In case of a tie select any one)
Part 3B: (page 2) Compare & Contrast the two tools in part 3A and address the following: Application of each tool in six sigma projects. How each of the tools helped the project achieve success. Do not copy from the slides but explain in your own words. Focus on the application, results, its usage in DMAIC process and the importance of the tool in achieving the outcome.. What impact would it have on the project if the above tool was not used?
Total answer for Question 1 should not exceed 2 pages using 12 size font and single spaced

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