Microbiological Enumeration

Using scientific papers or industry publications, research two different methodologies for
enumerating bacteria in water samples. Discuss the application of these methods,
considering why each method is used and the importance of bacteriological testing in the
water industry.
• Compare the two chosen methods and discuss their accuracy and limitations.
• To be submitted via SurreyLearn.
• The assignment should total at least 2000 words, excluding references. Use of graphs and
figures are encouraged.
• The assignment should be in your own words. Information copied from other sources must
be presented in quotation marks “……”, otherwise it will be considered to be plagiarised
and students will be penalised according to university regulations. For more information
see the “Plagiarism and referencing – A guide for students” module in your SurreyLearn
account. This will also provide information about Turnitin – an online plagiarism detection
system, with which all assignments will be checked.
• A full list of references must be included at the end of the assignment and cross-referenced
to those in the body of the work using the Harvard referencing system

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