Aircraft Maintenance Code of Ethics

Assignment Topic: What are the main rules contained in the code of ethics for your current or future profession? If you don?t have a profession, choose one that interests you. What underlying ethical theory(s) justifies it? If it is a code that has undergone revisions at various times, what changes took place and why? (See, for example, the discussions in the law and engineering readings.) Applying one of the ethical theories we have studied this semester, what changes would you suggest for your code. Finally, does there seem to be a relationship between your professional code of ethics and virtue ethics? Attach a copy of the parts of the code under discussion. Make sure you are dealing with a profession and not just an occupation–or the code/policies of your organization.

The ethical theories that we haved learned this year are
Utilitarian Ethics (a consequentialist theory)


Contractarian Ethics

Feminist Ethics

One source is to google ?code of ethics? and the profession. Another source for many professional codes of ethics is the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at Illinois Institute of Technology

Do Not:

Simply express your personal feelings or ?personal reflections? on the issue. You are called upon to reason and argue for a position based on one or more ethical theories we have studied.

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