test 4

Each answer should be about a paragraph long. Do not copy your answers from the web, the text book, etc. In other words, you MAY USE the book, the videos, your notes, and other sources, but WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
Five essays at 14 possible points each (for a total of 70 points possible).
1.- The first slide in Chapter 15 contains a lot about personality and individual behavior. As managers, why is it important to understand individual traits when we will generally manage larger groups?

2.- Explain Expectancy Theory. Include how this fits into our model of performance at the beginning of Chapter 16, and how we know that this is a multiplicative model rather than an additive one.

3.- From the management model, explain the concept of “Organizing.” Be specific regarding such things as what parts of an organization are “organized” during this process.

4.- Explain the differences and similarities between power and leadership.

5.- Discuss the characterization of bureaucracy as a “substitute for leadership.”

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