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the following Option is only guidelines. If you select one of them, please DO NOT write answers to the questions in each option. Instead, use the questions to focus your thoughts as you write your paper.

Select two or more of your favourite TV shows to compare/contrast.
1. As you watch each show, make notes on the room in which most of the action takes place. What features about it make you feel comfortable, and does the interior decoration seem to fit a) the kinds of characters and b) the kind of action you expect them to perform?
2. Compare the room most often presented in a comedy series with a similar room presented in a dramatic series. What differences do you see? Compare the furnishings in rooms of homes of the very wealthy with scenes in homes of poor or less affluent families. Do those furnishings seem effective in clearly depicting the characters�� socio-economic status?
3. Discuss the ways characters in the different programs use language to interact. How do characters talk about relationships? How are issues of race and gender addressed? What do the characters do to make you like/dislike them? If one (or more) of your favourites is a ��reality show,�� how realistic is it?
4. You may use a movie instead, using a similar analysis.

The Paper

�8�7 Must be in a clear font (Times New Roman 12 pitch is great), double-spaced, and 4-5 pages in length (1200-1500 words). Providing notes or song lyrics is extra (doesn��t count in length)
�8�7 Please DO NOT use any plastic covers or folders��just staple the upper left hand corner of your paper
�8�7 Spelling and grammar must be at the university level. If you need assistance with your writing, contact the Reading & Writing Development Centre, or consult material on style and grammar
�8�7 DO NOT copy another student��s work. DO NOT cut and paste from internet sites or articles��you must give credit to any source you use.

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