You are an IPE expert who is asked to write an assessment report to help a developing country government make a decision on potential government projects (see list below) as part of the countrys process of economic development.

Note: we will assume that this is a developing country which has a growing export industry, focusing on labor-intensive manufacturing production, and a relatively stable and closed financial sector.You will pick one of the following projects to assess its potential positive and negative impacts and provide your recommendations to the government.*Potential Project IConstruction of export processing zones
*Potential Project IIFinancial Liberalization (largely deregulating the financial sector to attract all forms of foreign capital and allow local individuals and firms to borrow and invest abroad)
*Potential Project IIIParticipating in a regional trade agreementYour report needs to include:1. A background information of the project (i.e. what the project is (general understanding), what its general objectives are, and how they could help developing countries grow their economy), drawing from examples around the world.2. A well-supported and informative discussion on the potential positive impacts of the project. You can draw from theoretical arguments and real examples to support this discussion.3. A discussion on the potential negative effects of the project, supported by evidence drawn from real cases and criticisms made by critics. You are encouraged to look at the effects on vulnerable groups, such as women, workers, the environment, and the society at large, when applicable.4. Your final assessment and recommendations, which would demonstrate your position with regard to the project (such as agreeing or disagreeing with the implementation) and your opinion and advice on how to deal with potential negative impacts, in case you agree with the project, or what the government should do instead, in case of project cancellation.Dont get intimidated by this role (giving advice). All you need to do is to think about the pros and cons of the project in question and choose a path of action that is reasonable and can be supported convincingly.5. Specific discussion for each project, which you need to incorporate into your report.a. Export processing zones: the debate on race-to-the-bottom, particularly regarding environmental and labor standards.
b. Financial liberalization: how financial liberalization/deregulation could contribute to financial crises, such as the Asian Crisis or the 2008 crisis.
c. Regional trade agreements (RTAs): comparing the advantages and disadvantages between the WTO and RTAs.This assignment looks for 1) your understanding in some of the debates in IPE (stated in #5) surrounding developing countries economic development process and 2) your ability to identify the positive and negative impacts of the chosen development project and 3) make informed recommendations, which take into account the need of developing countries to grow and develop their economy and the need to protect vulnerable groups and the environment.
Evaluation will be based on the followings.
I A cogent and informative discussion of the project that shows your good
understanding of the projects nature, objectives, connection to an IPE debate (as stated in #5), and its expected role in promoting economic development.
II Well-supported and well-researched discussion on the positive and negative impacts of the chosen project.
III A clear decision with thoughtful, convincing, and realistic recommendations.
IV Good organization and ability to write clearly, persuasively and coherently.
V Proper citation that complies with an academic citation style. Be sure to consult citation style manuals for correct citation. There is no style preference but you need to be consistent and systematic in complying with a specific style. You should make reference to at least 7 credible sources, at least 3 of which should be scholarly works (academic journal articles and books).

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