Yellow Fever, Black Goddess by Christopher Wills

12-point font, double-spaced, 1” margins. Word count must be noted at the end of each section.
Section One: (500 words)
Select one character in the book (Yellow Fever, Black Goddess by Christopher Wills); describe a few specific scenes that link your chosen character to public health.
Section Two: (500 words)
Find two recent (2000 – 2011) peer-reviewed publications that are related to the topic of the book.
Using APA citations, summarize how the two papers and the book relate to each other and to public health. Be sure to use APA format in the text and in the reference section.

pls and pls don’t write the whole citation in the narrative and in the references.

this is 3days service, so pls be on time with ur submission dec.03 by 6:45am. Thank you and God bless

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