Lowering the Drinking Age in the US

Journal Project


                                        Topic:    Lowering the Drinking Age in the US

When you’re eighteen years old you are considered an adult. Should the drinking age be lowered to eighteen?

  1. Research your topic and provide the sources (internet, newspaper or magazine articles or news reports) you reviewed.  You should use at least three.
    1. Include the date;
    2. author or speaker, if possible;
    3. source, such as 9news.com or the Denver Post;
    4. title of the articles, if applicable


  1. Summarize the articles or news reports in your own words.  If you cut and paste, copy or repeat parts of your articles, use quotes and give appropriate attribution.  DO NOT Plagiarize!  If you are presenting someone else’s ideas, make sure you give credit to your source. You must use citations or footnotes in the body of your article.  I do not require any specific format.


  1. In a separate paragraph, thoroughly discuss the pros and cons or differing perspectives on your topic.  If you are presenting the perspectives stated in your articles, make sure you indicate that by saying things like “According to Joe Doe in the September 12th Denver Post article . . .” or “As stated in the 9 news report . . .”  If you are coming up with the pros and cons on your own, make that clear.  I expect you to be able to consider issues and alternatives that may not have been presented to you.  Remember my rock?  Consider others perspectives with an open mind.  Make sure to organize your pros and cons in some logical manner.  For example, you could either list all the positives about the law or one side of the legal issue with a brief discussion or explanation about each point, and then do the same with the negatives, or you could take each point and discuss the pros and cons or alternative views of each point.


  1. In a separate paragraph, discuss your opinion and analysis.  Tell me which side of your presented debate is most convincing and why.  You must support your conclusion.  Your conclusion should reflect thoughtful analysis of the pros and cons, and not be based upon your gut reaction or be because a particular perspective is consistent with what you were raised to believe.  Your conclusion should reflect your personal well-reasoned analysis, not necessarily what the current state of the law is.


  1. Your journal should be in the range of two to three pages, but more is certainly acceptable.  Be more concerned with thorough coverage of your topic, than page requirements.  Quality is more important than number of words.


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