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Please read carefully the instructions to the essay before accepting the job.
Instructions to the essay:

Site Field Visit and Essay
One 1000 Word Site Field Visit Essay (20%). Visit a worship service or ceremony (temple, mosque, church, cathedral or
worship facility) outside of your own religious background or current religious practice. [Note: Remember that if your religious background or current practice is Christian, you cannot do this Field Visit Essay on any other Christian Churches
(Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Pentecostal, etc.) If you do, the paper will not be accepted.] Write about your
experience: what you observed, what you learned, how you felt (personal reflection), and anyone you interviewed. As
an ethnographic exercise, detail is essential. At least one interview with a priest, minister, rabbi, imam, lay leader or
church official is required with the key questions and responses integrated into the body of the paper. Provide an
appendix at the end of the paper listing the questions you asked. Describe the service, building structure, art and cultic
objects, clothing, rituals, ancillary practices (such as serving special foods), “the feel of the place,” demographics of the
participants, and anything else relating to the religion and the service. Demonstrate that you have done some research
ahead of time (citations and a Works Cited page) so that you have some basic knowledge of what you are going to
experience. Identify your own religious background or practice in the introduction. Specify the religion and the branch
or sect you attended for the site visit. [Note: Respect the church, temple, or mosque. DO NOT TAKE NOTES DURING
THE WORSHIP SERVICE, PRAYERS OR MEDITATIONS. Do your research ahead of time and in interviews. Sit quietly and
participate appropriately during the worship service, following the other worshippers in what to do. DO NOT MAKE ANY
use outside sources, you must cite according to MLA format and add a Works Cited page.

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