Improving Business Performance

Assessment is split in two courseworks, both explained below.

Summative assessments are the pieces of coursework that you complete which contribute
towards your final grade in this module. You should take the feedback that you receive from the completion of coursework in this module and use it to help you improve your performance in future assessments.
Summative assessment in this module is two pieces of submitted coursework.

1.Write an executive brief explaining how strategy maps could be a useful management tool
and system to monitor and control the performance of organisational or business units.
Include a short analysis of both the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

2. Your report should be 3,000 words in total
Title: Operational Change: Which way?
Choose an organisation that you work for, or are familiar with.
Investigate your chosen organisation to evaluate how it is currently performing, and identify  three operational areas that require change.
Start off by briefly introducing your chosen organisation and explaining what 3
changes you have identified and why you believe they should be made.
From the changes that you have identified, select one change that you want to make.
– Review the module units and identify what methods / criteria can be used to do this.
At least 3 references are required.
– From the review, choose the methods / criteria that are relevant for your changes and organisation
– Evaluate all proposed 3 changes, using the same evaluation methods / criteria, and
from your analysis choose the change that you will implement
Decide upon the approach you will take to manage and implement the change by putting
forward a case for using both Radical Change and Continuous Improvement as the means for delivering the required improvements for the organisation, identifying the benefits and disadvantages of using each method.
– Review the literature on Change and identify what criteria you could use to identify
which improvement method should be used. At least 3 references are required

Recommend your choice of improvement method(s), giving reasons for your choice.
Radical Change, Continuous Improvement, or both, and why?

IT has to be written according to harward referencing system.

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