Writer’s choice paper 2 fahad

Assigned projects will involve research, analysis, and critiques of different elements of urban design. Use a combination of graphics and text to complete these assignments. Photographs, maps, and drawings will greatly enhance the analysis. Drawings may be simple diagrams, made by hand or with a graphics program. Photographs of the site being analyzed or of similar urban design elements from other cities or campuses can help illustrate points of success or methods to improve the design. There is no required length for these projects – provide as much text and as many graphics as you need. Paper 2: Analyzing the role of landscape in urban design. Select an open, landscape space on campus or in the Tempe/Phoenix area that you would describe as being part of a successful urban design. Describe the roles that this open space plays in its urban setting, and discuss why it is successful in playing these roles. Discuss how the space could be strengthened, if applicable. Then select another space on campus or in the Tempe/Phoenix area that is not so successful. Discuss what role it appears to be attempting to play, why it was not successful, and what could be done to improve it.

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