This is a self-reflective journal response. There can be many barriers to critical thinking such as a strong personality, lack of patience, or working in a fast-paced environment.

Select one barrier and discuss its implications to your critical thinking process. Give at least 2 examples of how critical thinking is impacted. Can you overcome or modify this barrier?

Your response should be 3 – 5 paragraphs including and introduction and conclusion. Sources are not required, but if you use them, include APA citations.

Submit as a word document.

Criteria Level 2 20 points
Topics are fully explored; examples provided with connections to course material; APA citations provided; grammatically correct

Required Textbook
Porter, B. F. (2002). The voice of reason: Fundamentals of critical thinking (1st ed.). New York, NY:
Oxford University Press, Inc. ISBN: 9780195141221.

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