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ummary 1 Rubric:

The goal of the assignment is to introduce you to different types of summaries, paraphrasing, accurate use of reporting verbs, verb tenses, and
clauses. You will need to represent the information accurately, but with a focus on your purpose with the text. Lastly, you will need to discuss the material in your own words. Quotes are acceptable, but avoid using large chunks of quoted texts.

For this assignment, you will need to write two 15-sentence summaries of articles on a topic related to international business/research.
Both of the summaries should include the following:
1.Complete reference information for the assigned article.
2. Paragraph #1: One descriptive sentence that summarizes the entire article. Five informative sentences that summarize the main issues discussed in the article.
3. Paragraph #2: at least Six sentences discussing your own opinions about these issues
4. Paragraph #3: Three sentences concluding your summary and thoughts paragraphs.
( total 13- 18 sentences)
The descriptive and informative sentences should refer to the author(s), and should include reporting verbs, and claims.
Your summaries will be evaluated on the following criteria:
1. Quality of summary (5 Paragraph essay style, just need 3 Paragraph)
2. Paraphrasing skill and techniques
3. Grammatical accuracy, sentence complexity, and vocabulary; accurate use of reporting verbs

Summary Drafts:
First write each summary and submit it to your instructor; then revise the summary, making the necessary corrections. You will be graded on both the quality of your writing and the drafting/revision process.

Student has created one to two drafts of their Summary and has submitted it along with their final submission.
3 pts.

Student has correctly cited in-text and in the reference page. 4 pts.

Student has followed the paragraph format and correct amount of sentences. 3 pts.

Student has utilized grammatical accuracy, sentence complexity, vocabulary, and verbs.  5 pts.

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