This week and next, you are studying the social world of the prisoner. There is nothing else like the inmate subculture. Prisons in the United States were once closed systems. Now, they are open systems. What do I mean by closed and open systems? Cite examples in your discussion. You are also reading about the black market in prison. Many inmates attempt to secure goods and services that are not legal in the prison setting. This illicit and underground economy undermines prison security. The control of this prison economy is often run by prison gangs. As a correctional officer, security supervisor and warden, I dealt with this problem my entire career. How does contraband get into the prison? If you were a prison warden, what are some of the ways you would reduce or eradicate the smuggling of contraband into your prison? Remember, not all contraband is brought into the prison. What are examples of dangerous contraband and how might prison gangs further their criminal enterprises inside and outside of the prison? Finally, I am a believer in that a little contraband is good for the penitentiary. WHAT!? Discuss with each other why I would believe that. What would be my motivation in believing that this rule breaking has good benefits for managing and operating a prison?

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