Write a narrative essay about an experience that had a significant effect on you or changed your views in some important way.

Be certain to include a clear explanation about how your experience connects to the adult learning theory that is included in the prompt you select from the list below. Make sure to state which theory you are referring to (points will be deducted if you forget to do this step) and include at least one paragraph that explains the theory and how your experience connects to it. Carefully review the Adult Learning information and do additional research on the adult learning theory on which your essay is focusing. Use at least one outside source and cite it correctly using MLA format in a Works Cited page. If you use a quote or a paraphrase in the essay, make sure to use an in-text citation so you are not plagiarizing. The prompt topic is below: Write a narrative essay about an experience that caused you to learn something about yourself as a college student and an adult learner and refer to the theory of andragogy. Grading checklist for the narrative essay (in addition to the standard essay checklist for the course included in the syllabus) ____Makes a clear point (has a solid thesis that relates to the prompt) ____Conveys action and detail ____Presents a conflict and creates tension ____Sequences events ____Uses dialog in an appropriate manner ____Told from a particular point of view ____Have a clear introduction, story, and ending ____ Include one outside source in the essay with correct MLA format for the works cited page and the in text citation. ____ Has a precise connection to one of the adult learning theories and clearly refers to that theory and how it supports the story ____ Explains the adult learning theory selected with the prompt

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