Define critical thinking and explain what is entailed in doing it in terms of highlighting what procedural steps, along with the importance of each step, are involved in doing critical inquiry in the social sciences.

1. Read and view the source materials listed under Module #1 on Critical Thinking and Critical Writing.2. Write one paper (i.e., a SINGLE PAPER IN A SINGLE FILE that is 2-pages maximum in total length (double-spaced only) with 12 font size in black or dark blue typescript color) and submit in a SINGLE FILE. Your SINGLE paper (only one file) should respond to the 2 guide questions posted with the assignment. Since your entire pRespond to the following 2 questions: 2. What is the most important value of critical thinking skills and explain why, and then explain how these skills can be most effectively and efficiently taughtaper is restricted to 2 pages maximum, it is probably best to use 1 page to respond to each guide question.

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