Women, Equality, and Abortion Policy

start with a full bibliographic citation (MLA, APA or Turabian citation style) at the top of the page, where the title would normally be located.
Introduction/Thesis StatementIn a few general statements, include a very brief summary of the works contents. Include your thesis (main argument), which is the focus of your review. Body/Supporting Paragraphs:
The number of body paragraphs varies according to how much you have to say and the length requirements of the assignment. For this assignment, the essay should reach about onto the third page. About half to two-thirds of the essay should be summary and the remainder of the essay should consist of analyzing the article.
In your summary, identify the author and topic discussed. Explain the purpose of the authors work (authors thesis). Be sure to include all major points the author makes.
Next, provide your critical evaluation, discussing both positive and negative features of the authors thesis or research methods or sources as appropriate. Support your judgments/opinions with support (paraphrasing and quotes). Is the thesis of the work well supported? Is the work thorough? Fair? Clear? Convincing? Significant? Is the authors use of evidence appropriate and on target? Which sources did author rely on to prove his/her thesis?Conclusion:
Give a final evaluation of the article. Make a recommendation about the type of reader likely to enjoy or benefit from this particular work. Is it worthwhile for others to read? Why or why not? Does the work add to the scope of knowledge in this area of history? Did you learn anything new from the article, or have any concerns/questions about the work?

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