What are some of the major differences between the Gospel of John and the Synoptic Gospels?

Briefly describe a few events and teachings in Jesus life that are not found in the Gospel of John. 2.
How does Johns use of the Greek term logos connect Jesus with the creation account of Genesis 1 as well as the Greek principle of cosmic Reason?
Why did the writer of the Gospel of John compile a Book of Signs? briefly describe one of those signs and its meaning.
Identify the leaders of the Jerusalem church and the missionaries who first helped carry the new way into the larger world beyond the Jewish capital.

In recording the events of Pentecost how does Luke emphasize role of the Holy Spirit and that Christianity is a religion for all peoples? According to the author of Luke, what ancient Hebrew prophecy is fulfilled by the Spirits coming upon the first disciples?
Summarize the results of Pauls three missionary journeys into Gentile territories. What series of events led to Pauls arrest in Caesarea and Rome?
Briefly describe Pauls transformation from a zealous Pharisee to Christianitys first great missionary. How does the account of his conversion in Acts ch. 9 differ from his own accounts in Gal. 1:15 and I Cor. 9:1 and 15:8-9?
How many authentic letters of Paul are there? How many disputed and/or pseudonymous letters of Pauls exist and what generally distinguishes the authentic letters from the disputed/pseudonymous letters.

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