Why we became religious and The evolution of the spirt world








BOOK : Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion                      Pamela A. Moro, James E. Myers


Eighth edition


Why we became religious and The evolution of the spirt world

Pages : 16,17,18,19




For most meetings you will move into groups discuss each assigned article.  I will collect the outline you prepare for the discussion.


OBJECTIVE:  to increase your knowledge of the topic as discussed by the author.


Read the chapter and take notes prior to the class

What does the author have to say on the subject?

What new words does he introduce?   Include a definition for these words

What have you learned from the chapter?

In the discussion, you will be prepared and active:


Discuss what the author has to say, catch misinterpretations or confusion in other member of the group

Use democratic dynamics and enhance learning by helping each other learn through questioning, elaboration, etc.

Budget time efficiently and stay on task, don’t discuss outside happenings

Discussion aims to increase that level of understanding and learning for you and the rest of the group.


Step 1:    After reading the chapter, list and define terms with which you are unfamiliar.


Step 2:    State in your own words the overall thesis of the chapter.


Step 3:    Outline the chapter which should include at least three major themes/subtopics for the reading.

This must be a minimum of one page and most students find they need two or three pages.


Step 4:   Write a summary statement for each subtopic


Step 5:    Write a question for each subtopic.   These are questions for your group to answer.



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