Gangs and gang membership

Synthesis Outline:
I. Opening position statement: A brief statement of your view of the current state of gangs and gang membership in the US. (refer to course objectives)
A. Identification of research or projects (3-6) that have offered the most relevant information into gang formation and gang functioning. Select the research from the text or your research that appears to provide the most beneficial information to understanding gang formation, behavior and activities.
1. Identify the research, its purpose and findings
2. How it contributed to knowledge about gangs
B. Learning gained, and why it is important
II Table of Contents (major topics or issues to be addressed (Can be course objectives)
A. Identification of the topics to be addressed, including your area of personal interest; also indicate at least 3 points to be covered (under each topic)
B. Include citations and references.
III. Summation and Recommendations
A. Brief statement of your points that support your position statement
B. Your recommendations of policies, strategies and programs that address gangs and gang membership for a long-term positive community effect.
1. Focus: which type (street gangs for social, criminal or economic reasons) and aspect of gang program or policy: intervention, prevention, community or correctional efforts
2. Purpose of that policy, strategy or program: its reason for existence
3. At lease 3-4 desired outcomes (specific and measurable or observable)
4. How will success be measured?
IV. Bibliography/References
There must be a reference section of the final paper, using the APA citation format. If you do not know what the APA citation format is, then look at your textbooks and see how these authors cite the works on which they relied to write their documents. Check the External Links area for links about APA style. If you still are confused, visit a library and ask a reference librarian to show you an APA citation style document.

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