What role has the human rights act 1998 had on shaping police decision making

Project description
– Talk about the human rights act 1998 and how it shapes police force.
– Principles of the human rights act e.g., legitimacy, proportionate
– Are police making or were making justifiable arrests before human rights
– what has been changed in the human rights act before/after policing
-ethical policing and how this contradict towards human rights act 1998
– how they operate with the human rights act
– European convention act must be added
– case law MUST be added, for example MALONE V UK and 2 other case laws relating
– how cultural backgrounds effect human rights and policing.
– YOU MUST make sure this is 1500 words and stick to the question and keep relating to human rights act 1998.
– terroism case law should be added.

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