China’s growth

Your task is to identify and select a contemporary management issue from current affairs. In
particular, you should find a new item on the BBC News Website ( By
current, we mean a story from the past 6 months, the impact of which is still being felt.
Examples could be business ethics, globalisation, social or industrial conflict, outsourcing,
regulation and/or deregulation of business or indeed any substantive issue that impacts on
managerial decision making. You should then develop and write an essay on your chosen
issue (sanctioned by your tutor) using the concepts, themes and issues explored in the course.
You are required to have developed your idea by week 5 and have it signed off by your tutor
at the seminar (see the pro forma in the appendix of this document and on Moodle). You must
supply this form as an appendix to your submitted assignment.

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