What is the relationship between heritage language and ethnic identity formation in adults new Australian Arabic-speaking?

Proposal =1925 words (without research questions and references list)

 150 words maximum
 introduce the scope of the research in one or two sentences
 write a sentence on the imperative of the research (gap in knowledge)
 raise the question of “what if” the research is not done( Research Problem)
 answer this question with a couple of positive sentences about what this project proposes to do and the anticipated outcome/s (Note: do not pre-empt findings but discuss anticipated directions for the project)

2-Brief review of the research field (300 words maximum
3-Research area (more details and focusing)
4-Research question
RQ1: What are the role of heritage language on acquiring and developing another language?
RQ2: How do Iraqi immigrants perceive their ethnic identity in Australia?
RQ3: How does heritage language maintenance influence ethnic identity formation?
5-Significance of the study (500 words maximum)
6-Significance of the study 300 words– to theory, method & practice
7-Anticipated outcomes (more focusing) 200 words maximum

1-Try to link the problem with Research questions, outcome and the survey
2-Try to read the survey which I attach it, please.
3-15-20 Articles reference only (I can find those articles that are used in reference list)
4-APA6 style
5-Use the attach Article, please

try to read the survey please

Could you please indicate how you do feel about your ethnic identity in Australia? Try to identify each of the following statements by ticking the appropriate circle?
Strongly Agree Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly Disagree
1- I am happy that I can speak two languages. SA A U D SD
2- I understand pretty well my heritage language to be abl to interpret to my family or my ethnic group members SA A U D SD
3- Maintain my heritage language helps to learn English and restructure my thinking. SA A U D SD
4-I have a lot of pride in my heritage language and try to transfer to my children SA A U D SD
5-I have a strong sense of belonging to my own ethnic group SA A U D SD
6-I talk on the phone when other people around me SA A U D SD
7- I have no interest in maintaining my original beliefs and values in Australia SA A U D SD
8- I think using two languages enable me to use two identities and shift between them easily. SA A U D SD
9-I think using Arabic at home or among other Arabic speakers prevents me from understanding Australian culture. SA A U D SD
10- I feel am part of Australian culture SA A U D SD
11-I have a clear sense of my ethnic identity background and what it means for me. SA A U D SD
12-. I participate in cultural practices of my own group, such as special food, music, or customs. SA A U D SD

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