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Based on Assignment 2 and Assignment 1. Im attaching Assignment 2. Assignment to be done according to marksheet 3 and guidelines on what the markers are looking for. I truly reckon you to use my id/pass of my uni to access the materials/videos for this assignment as it has lot of important things to score well. Please go through as explained …. 1. 2.Click on Uconnect on upper right hand corner 3. Id : Pass : 4.Click on Ulearn tab – further select MGT 8024. This is the homepage for this subject. For example referencing, please use the AGPS according to given information. 5. At the very bottom of the page you can click on the ” video on how to structure your assignment” and video on how to write an HD assginment. In the link video on how to write an HD assignment, there are project management blogs and stuff helpful for the assignment. Feel free to ask my anything any time. Harvard AGPS6 Referencing The Harvard (AGPS6) is the mandatory referencing system required in this course. Students should use Harvard (AGPS6) style in their assignments to reference the information sources they have cited in their work. The Harvard (AGPS6) style is defined by the USQ Library’s referencing guide available from the link below. Any enquiries relating to the use of this referencing style in this course should be directed to the Library or the course examiner. Make sure you go to the Library’s referencing guide. Download and install Endnote bibliographic software (at no cost) to manage all your references. There are 3 main journals we use in project management. We should be seeing references to articles from these journals in your assignments. International Journal of Project Management International Journal of Managing Projects in Business Project Management Journal Lots of other information to will be helpful for your assignments can be found on the new and improved My Business Study and Research Page found here: Link to Harvard AGPS6 referencing guide on USQ library website

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