What is the land like, where is it located in the world, what is the socio-economic status of the people, who makes up the population, what types of business or industry drives their local economy, etc

Each student will write a paper that investigates a Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) in various parts of the world.
This paper will follow APA format for citations and reference page. See the “Resources” listed on the last page of these guidelines for information on APA formatting. This includes sourcing factual information within the paper and will include a reference page and cover sheet. It will also include a minimum of 3 references, with1450 to 1500 word count, and double spaced. Ethical procedures and guidelines will be enforced. Sources must be reputable (no Wikipedia or .comsonly organizations and /or governmental sources). Total points: 75
Choose a part of the world that you are interested in studying examples include: Haiti, Germany, China, South Africa, England, a US state or county, etc. Then, choose a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is affecting the region you chose.
Specific directions for each paragraph:

Second paragraph: choose a disease and explain it. You can choose from Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV-AIDS, Chlamydia, Hepatitis, HPV, etc. Is it a viral or bacterial infection? What is the scientific name for the virus or bacteria? FYI, scientific names for bacteria should be in italics. How is it spread? What is the treatment, if any? At least five sentences of information per paragraph and use sources!
Third paragraph: tell me how the disease is affecting the region you chose. Give me some statistics. How is the disease effecting males and females, what age group has the highest rate of new cases, is there a correlation between age, education, or socioeconomic status? At least five sentences of information per paragraph and use sources!
Fourth paragraph: tell me if anything is being done in the area to prevent or stop the disease from spreading further. Does the community, county, state, national, or international health department offer free education or testing for the population? Do they offer condoms, etc.? Are there any special non-profit groups or grants that offer education and services? Give me the names of the organizations, contact information, or website addresses that are specific to the region you have chosen. This paragraph can be completed in 3 4 sentences plus the contact information of the health education organizations.
Format of the final paper:
1. Cover page with the title of the paper, your name, and a picture of the area you choose.
2. Your paper: several pages, DOUBLE SPACED
3. Resources page with proper citation format.
Points will be deducted from your paper for the following reasons:
Not following directions.
Improper grammar, misspelled words, sentence fragments, and run on sentences. (Use spell and grammar check, please!)
PLAGIARISM the stealing of other peoples thoughts, ideas or information, and using them as your own. Also known as not giving credit where credit is due.
Using run on or choppy sentences.
Using “I”, “me”, or “you” statements in the paper. (No “your” or “you’re” either!)
Using bad resources such as Wikipedia.
Not providing a resource page, or not using citations in the body of the paper
Not understanding the difference between: There, their and theyre.
There is a place. Ex. Please put the vase there on the table.
Their shows possession. Ex. Their dog likes me and wants me to pet it. “Theyre is a contraction of they and are. Ex. Theyre going to the movies.
Not understanding the difference between “its” and “its”
“Its” shows possession: The cat hurt its paw.
“Its” is a contraction of it and is. Ex. Its going to rain today.
Using an apostrophe () to make something plural (meaning more than 1 of something). The apostrophe is used to show a contraction (example: dont, its, cant) OR to show possession of something (example: Marcels car is really cool).
15 points for following the correct format in each of the four paragraphs, cover page, double spacing, etc.
10 points for using credible information sources.
10 points for using the sources and documenting them properly both on the works cited page and in the body of your paper.
10 points for correct grammar and spelling. No run on sentences and no I or “you” statements, not even in the introduction.
20 points for providing correct information on the disease you chose.
Total points: 75

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