Identify an area of research that you believe is both important and interest, and write a short paragraph indicating why you believe this area of research is important, and why it is interest

Individual Research ReportNo more than 2500 words. All reports must typewritten 11point font, 1.5 spaced, with an adequate left hand margin. The essay should also show extensive evidence of research, pursue a coherent argument and have a sound structure and analytical framework. You are expected to use journals and textbooks published after 2000. Cite references in Harvard style.
Required:1. . (400 words) 2. Write down a research question that would guide your exploration in the area of research interest that you have identified. (approximately 100 words) 3. Find EIGHT (8) academic journal articles that relate to your area of research interest write a maximum of 150 words for each article indicate why that article is relevant to your research, and the useful information and findings that it conveys for this project. (1200 words max) 4. Discuss the findings of the research above in relation to your research question (approximately 300 words) 5. In approximately 500 words indicate which of the accounting theories you have studied this semester might help to explain your research questions, and why these accounting theories would be appropriate. 6. Refer to academic journals, but not Wikipedia, etc.7. You must include an abstract, introduction, conclusion and references.8. This assignment will be submitted via Turnitin. You are also requested to hand a hard copy of the assignment to your lecturer in Week 12.

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