What is the compelling value proposition for your customers Where are you on the product life cycle-are there chasm issues?

Summary of Content: 1. Describe each of the 4 Ps in for your company. 2. Give some whys for each of your 4 Ps in the context of the Boston Consulting Group matrix 3. Finally list some of the major competitors and describe the 4 Ps for one of your competitors. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY-LAST THING YOU WRITE, BUT FIRST IN THE PAPER 1 TO 2 PAGES. 1. DESCRIBE YOUR 4 Ps–WHAT DO YOU DO PRODUCT Competition Major customers-market segment Note this may have some overlap with 2b.You only need to describe once, not necessary to repeat. PRICING How do you price? o Customer perceived value o Going rate o Cost plus o Other PLACEMENT Are your distribution channels changing? Is the internet making a major impact? PROMOTION Marketing communications mix How do you differ between Push vs. pull What % of sales do you spend for Marketing communications-give an estimate if not available? Are you using the internet for marketing/promotion 2. WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN THESE 4 P STRATEGIC 2a. BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP STRATEGIC ISSUES: Market growth Market share What does this all mean for your company/business unit? What does this mean for your 4 Ps? 3. WHAT ARE THE 4Ps FOR YOUR MAJOR COMPETITOR? Are they different-the same why?

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