How do the concepts of belongingness, emotional intelligence, resilience and communication impact the practice of the novice Registered Nurse?

This assignment is worth 40% of my total grade for this course. It is due on Friday 31st August but I will request for an extension to a later date. Task description: This is a 2000 words formal essay in response to the following: In considering these concepts, how does the novice Registered Nurse utilise them to facilitate person centred care? The assignment must contain the following elements: – An introduction to the topic to orient the reader to the assignment, outlining the paper (100 words) – An explanation and example(s) of the following concepts: belongingness, emotional intelligence and resilience, and effective communication (400 words) – An explanation of person-centred care and its principles (350 words) – Application of the above concepts to practice; including rationales in how these concepts assist new graduate nurses in their practice, to effect person-centred care (1000 words) – A conclusion summarising the essay reiterating the key findings (150 words) – A list of the references used in the essay (Harvard referencing) Please look at the Assignment task (pdf) and the marking rubric (pdf) provided for more information on what is required for this assessment. Please support your analysis with credible, accurate and up to date information from reliable sources. Thank you so much!

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