What is public opinion? Why is it important to examine the role of the media in shaping public opinion?

Essay requirements

Presentation: essays will be presented according to the following rules: double spaced, fully spaced paragraphs, no line breaks in the middle of paragraphs at the end of each sentence, correct use of bold or italics, italicisation of all titles of newspapers, books, films, TV programmes etc.
Referencing: essays will reference all source material and quotations in the text using the HARVARD system. Failure to reference adequately, properly and fully will lead to a significant loss of marks. Please consult the Undergraduate Student Handbook for more guidance on Referencing and Academic Honesty.
Bibliography: essays will include a bibliography in HARVARD format. All essays must have a bibliography. Essays handed in which do not conform to these rules will face a significant loss of marks.
Academic writing style: essays will be written in such a way that they draw upon texts in the reading list, attribute all ideas and arguments, summarise ideas and arguments, quote from the authors concerned, reference all sources used and include these in the bibliography.
Quotation: essays which do not evidence a detailed reading and quotation of original works, ideas and the actual words of the authors studied will face a significant loss of marks and in extreme cases will simply be failed.
Spelling and Grammar: essays will employ an adult level of spelling and grammar.

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