Music Title: Writer’s choice

Each student is expected to attend a performance of “art music,” including repertoire from any periods or genres in which you have an interest (music should not be amplified, or from popular or jazz genres. Ballet performances are fine if the music is performed live- please focus on the instrumental/vocal components of any multi-art performance). If you are unable to attend a concert in your community, please contact me directly. This concert should include a printed program and must be attended in its entirety. In order to receive full credit for this assignment, you must submit a detailed response paper (minimum two full pages typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font with inch margins on all sides) with commentary on a minimum of three works: one from the beginning of the program, one from the middle, and one performed at the end of the concert (please include composers and titles). Please do not copy or paraphrase any program notes that were provided; I am looking for your personal reaction to the music, not a historical overview of the works in question. You may choose to write about the concert environment, the performers, audience members, or aspects of the pieces or performance that you found noteworthy. I will be looking for correct usage of musical vocabulary and evidence that you are developing listening skills (please make at least one comment on aspects of sound, melody, rhythm, harmony, texture or form).

You will necessarily utilize terms related to music and reference stylistic features presented in our in-class reference materials (articles and writings) that relate to specific time periods. You will likely make comparisons of the performed repertoire to other musics presented (recordings) and discussed in class. This may include expressing your opinions about performance quality as well (application of information literacy).

It is interesting to know about your personal reactions to music from various style periods, compositional methods, and specific composers (as relevant), and these writings also serve to display your advancing critical and creative inquiries (analysis and interpretation of historical and performance practices) throughout the course of the semester. They will also serve to strengthen your communication about those analyses and interpretations.

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