What are the different job titles in your career area and/or that you would be qualified for? List as many as you can. (5 pts)

Assessment of your current skills, the skills and qualities requested by employers, job titles in your field, professional organizations for your field, and other information about the profession you are seeking to work in. This assignment should be presented in a report format (single-spaced, with double-space between paragraphs). Label and answer each question clearly and copy/paste information from Internet research into the report, when appropriate. Use bullet lists, tables, and paragraphs as necessary to display your information. Create a well-formatted document that is attractive, error free, and an example of the work you produce. 1) Your Goals: What is your College Major? What is your immediate career goal? What is your 5-year career goal? Are you willing to relocate? Do you plan to continue your education?
Major: Medical Information Technology-
Administrative Assisting
Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
Immediate career goal- Work in a Medical Office as a Administrative Assistant gaining knowledge and experience.
Willing to Locate- Yes
Continue Education- Yes, Ear a Bachelors in Medical billing and coding.
5 year career goal- Working in a Private Office or for my self as a Medical Billing Specialist. 2) Job titles:
Qualified as a Administrative Assistant. 3) Attach ads: Find at least 5 job ads from the newspaper or Internet and attach. These ads should be from the geographical area where you would like to work. Use ads that contain meaningful lists of requirements. (5 pts)
Missoula, Mt
Portland, Or
Denver, Co
Phoenix, Az4) Attach one complete job description for your area. (5 pts)
Missoula, Mt5) Job Requirements: List all the skills, qualities, and characteristics, experience, and education that are requested in the ads and job descriptions. Use ads that include a thorough listing of their requirements so that you may compile a complete list. (5 pts)5) Professional Organizations: Research professional organizations in your career area. Print and attach a page from their website showing what this organization does, certifications offered, and costs associated with joining. (5 pts)6) Personal Assessment: Evaluate your current skills and compare with the job requirements listed in the ads. Do you, or will you, have all the necessary skills to apply for these positions? Are there any missing components from your education? Evaluate and assess your skills with those necessary for your career goals. Discuss what other steps you can take to increase your employ ability. (5 pts)
I have worked In Receptions for 10+ years Answering phones, managing customer accounts, fielding calls and directing clients to appropriate departments. Securing and scheduling projects for new and existing clients. Managing inventory maintenance. In December of this year i will have earned my Associates in Applied Science for Health Information Management.
7) Prepare this assignment in paragraph format and use lists when appropriate. Clearly label all attachments and components of the assignment. An important skill of an Administrative Assistant is to create clear, concise, well-formatted, and accurate documents. Be sure to proofread, pay attention to detail, check for completeness and submit professional documents. (5 pts)

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