analyze current events in marketing.

Action Items BEFORE you come to the Class/Meet session, Select a print, broadcast, or online source of global, national, or local news. Use this publication to select a current (within the past 6 weeks) news story or series of related articles of interest to you. Submit a 1-2 page summary of your news story, as well as a link to the story. Your summary should include at least three (3) of the marketing concepts learned to date in this course. Be sure to include an accurate, succinct explanation of each marketing concept in general and, more specifically, an analysis of how these marketing concepts apply to the news story. OR As an alternative, you may use a current event that has recently occurred in your own environment such as your workplace or your home. Your submission should include a thorough explanation of this event, along with the relevant marketing concepts described above. OR As an alternative, your professor may pre-assign a current event or case study for which the entire class will prepare a 1-2 page summary and be prepared to discuss. DURING the Class/Meet session, actively participate in the discussion to earn full credit for class participation (see the grading rubric below). In your class, you will be discussing: Your news story or current event, and/or The current event(s) OR case study selected by your professor, and Week 2 topics, issues, and assignments Submission Instructions Click the Submit button to upload your summary of a current event to the Drop Box before the Class/Meet session.

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