Water resource issues research flyer

– Students will create two research flyers this semester. The research topics will be announced in class.
– Students will research topics at the local, regional, national, or international levels.
– This assignment involves researching a topic and producing a flyer to be used in a public awareness display on a bulletin board at south campus.

Each assignment should include the following on one side of a piece of paper:
– Title
– An image in the form of a diagram, map, or statistics (graph, chart, table) that displays information regarding the research topic. All flyers must have a diagram, map or statistics as the main image. Photographs/pictures can only be used as a supplement to the main image.
– Paragraph of information – written in your own words – include summary statement(s), elaboration with a geographic analysis, and a concluding statement(s) – The written part should be at least 200 words.
– Bibliography/Works Cited – It is okay to use only one source. Use MLA style documentation. It is often difficult to find all of the information on a website for a full works cited. The minimum amount of information you need for this class is: Title of the website. Date Retrieved. Full web address.
o Example: Western Kentucky University. Retrieved 8 Mar 2011. www.wku.edu.
– No names on the front of the flyer. Put your name on the back lightly in pencil.
– Compile your research on a one-page flyer to be displayed at a public awareness activity. The works cited should also be on the one-page flyer. If you have trouble fitting everything on one page, then you could make your margins smaller (.5” on all sides), decrease the font size of the works cited, make the image a little smaller (be sure you can still interpret the information), or use a larger piece of paper.
– See example on the next page.

– Use proper English, in other words, incorrect grammar and spelling will result in point loss.
– Well thought-out and designed flyers will receive the most credit. Rushed, incomplete, non-college work will receive little or no credit.
– The image (diagram, map, or statistics) needs to be legible and relevant to the written information.
– Students can bring a rough draft by for evaluation of content prior to the due date. This will ensure a higher grade and inclusion in the display.
– Students who need writing and proofreading assistance should use the LAC, the TLC, or the Writing Center.
– Remember, in research writing, do not use the first person, or words like hope, believe, wish, think…
– Use a reliable website, for example, do not use Wikipedia or a blog. Examples of reliable websites include the CIA Factbook, BBC, PBS, most university websites, academic journals, and many government websites.
– For assistance with bibliography/works cited, use the website Son of Citation Machine, see instructor, or go to the LAC or TLC.
– Only error free flyers will be used in the display.


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