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-Write a Research Proposal:

In order to pass this unit the student must show competency in the following performance criteria assessed in this paper:

X Not yet competent
1. Determine document requirements 1.1 In consultation with relevant others, clearly define the business document requirements, including purpose, audience, format, style, content and scope. ?

2. Conduct research 2.1 Conduct research according to the requirements of the document, using formal and informal data collection methods as appropriate.
2.2 Analyse and assess data for relevance prior to incorporation into document, identifying key issues. ?

3. Prepare document 3.1 Develop the document using a suitable format, structure and style according to document purpose and organisation requirements.
3.2 Select and use appropriate technology and software to suit the requirements.
3.3 Use a range of document presentation and graphic techniques to enhance impact and effectiveness of the information presented.
3.4 Use language and style appropriate to the document and intended audience, ensuring clarity of information and ease of reading.
3.5 Make recommendations for action where appropriate.
3.6 Review and check the document prior to finalisation to ensure it is accurate in content, free from spelling and typing errors, and meets all requirements.
3.7 Adjust where necessary, and seek advice or comment from relevant others where appropriate.
3.8 Publish the document in a format and style appropriate to the intended audience and purpose, and according to organisation guidelines. ?





4. Follow up document 4.1 Present and circulate document for comment as required.
4.2 Respond to any feedback and comments received, and adjust document where required.
4.3 Submit document to relevant persons as appropriate.
4.4 Maintain and file copies of all documents within a secure and ordered system and according to organization practices. ?








Assessment Three: Research Proposal


Date: Week 14


Total Marks 30 Marks

Grading: 30% of the final grade
You are required to draft a research proposal on a topic of your choice. Please check with the instructor before beginning to ensure that your proposal is appropriate.



Marking guide
Cover Page:
• Title and topic of research plan
• Author name
• Diploma, Semester, Group, Instructor (Header)
• Date (Footer)
• Table of Contents

All Information included correctly
• This must be an Executive summary of a minimum 100 words
• Topic sentence gives overview of project
• Each section of proposal summarized


Topic sentence effectively introduces subject (2)

Each section effectively summarized (2)
• A full paragraph
Summarizes with relevant information.

Research Questions
• Research Questions identified ( at least 3)

Research questions outlined and realistic

Literature Review
• 2 articles sourced
Articles are relevant to research topic and academic

Literature Review
• Articles summarized
• How articles support research question
Key facts of article (3)
summarized clearly (3)

Articles support research question (3)
• Type of methodology used: Quantitative / Qualitative
• What data collection methods would be used?


Methodology outlined and explained clearly (1)
Data collection outlined and links to how they would support research questions (3)

• References outlined
• Spelling and Grammar
• Layout/Format

Spelling & Grammar

References outlined and correctly referenced (2)
Spell checked and grammar checked (1)
Layout/ Format (1)
total = 30

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