Using the agreement as a model, draft the text of a choice-of-law provision and forum selection clause for Acme Online, Inc. Then discuss why Acme Online would want to include a choice-of-law provision and a forum selection clause in its online terms of use agreement.

In order to complete the below question you must read Chapter 1. For full credit you must provide thorough, detailed and well-supported answers. You are the contracts specialist for Acme Online, Inc. (a fictitious company), and your supervisor at Acme Online, Inc. wants to include a terms of use agreement on its website where all disputes will be exclusively resolved by a state or federal court located in Allegheny County and governed by the law of the state of Pennsylvania. Conduct research online and find the conditions and use agreement for, another online retailer. Visit the website for and click on Conditions of use at the bottom of the main page and look for the sections entitled Applicable Law and Disputes.

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