Discuss how the related area of interest evolve, change and is affected by context or location.

Choose an area of interest (for example, architecture, fashion, food, medicine, visual arts, performing arts, handicrafts, religion).Examine the role of media, networks and institutions in shaping identity within and across cultures.In other words – Focus Question: How is the area of interest chosen changing due to context, what role do networks and institutions play in area of interest chosen and individual identity?Essay must be 2-3 pages, Times New roman double-spaced in font 12 (or 800 to1100 words each) with additional title and reference pages.Please focus on the following points as you prepare your essay. 1. The essay requires you to integrate information taken from several different (referenced) sources (at least 3), to organize that information and to summarize the information, with conclusions that new to you. 2. Begin with a thesis statement and introduction that are explained and justify in your essay. Support your ideas with a rationale and evidence (not just, I think), logically organized throughout the essay. Your ideas and the support should be clear to the reader.3. Select relevant material to illustrate your points and provide specific references to at least two class readings that are appropriate from the semester (I will provide those). Your essay must make substantive reference to at least three resources in total including the two class readings. Do not cite, quote or reference from Wikipedia or general non-verifiable sources. References and paper must follow the APA format.4. Your essay should reflect proper grammar and syntax.

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