UNST Gloals Essay

5. ESSAY ON UNST GOALS: This is a 4 page (double-spaced) essay (Times New Roman 12 pt
font) that should explain how your thinking on the four goals has evolved during the capstone
project or your time at PSU. Each goal should receive approximately 1 page of attention. THIS
ASSIGNMENT IS NOT TO BE DONE IN GROUPS! To help you frame your essay, please
consider some of the following questions:
 From my own experience in the capstone, how did engaging in the community project
for this course enhance my abilities in the four goal areas?
 How have the assignments and readings in this class enhanced my ability to analyze
issues associated with the capstone project and handle different forms of diversity
encountered over the course of the project?
 How has my work as a team member given me insight into collective problem
solving, communication, and recommendation formulation?
 How does this process of self-reflection enhance my ability to critically think about
my beliefs and attitudes towards the real world issues we addressed in this class?
 How has the production of the inputs into the final project for the client allowed me to
expand and practice my skills in the goal areas?
 How have the readings and in this class furthered my skills in the goal areas? What
new insights and understandings have I gained through the required reading of this
Please write from your own experience with I/me/my language. Also, please be specific when
describing specific experiences.
I’ll provide a more details as we get closer to writing the essay. Please submit the essay via D2L
in the “Dropbox – UNST Goals Essay” folder on December 1 (Sunday) by midnight. Late work
= no credit.

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