Mobile Technology

This assignment involves: –

• Identifying, in pairs of two, a research topic that interests you from within the field of Computing&Technology
• Conducting Library and Web research on the topic-using EIGHT sources
• Producing
o A short Report on the topic (Title, Keywords, Introduction, Background, Review, Future)
o A short Literature Review (summary, as an Appendix in your report)
o A Bibliography of the materials you located and reviewed , using the standard provided (i.e. a reference list, as an Appendix in your report)

Essay topic: Mobile Technology, the research must be organized as below:
1. Keywords
[Provide a list of the main topic / subject / research keywords you used when searching for information]

2. Introduction
[Two to three paragraphs providing a brief outline introduction of the specific Computing topic you have chosen.]

3. Background / History
[Give a short outline of either the development background or specific history of the specific topic. You might for example, provide an explanation of where the technology was developed from, why it was developed etc. Or you might either just provide a specific (e.g. time-based) summary or the specific history of the device or technology you’re considering]

4. Review
[You should also try to outline the current state of where this technology is at in its development. This can also be done as a “State of the Art” (SOA) review, which is especially useful if you are comparing different technologies. It’s useful also to provide a summary (and pictures / diagrams) of the main characteristics and / or capabilities of the device or technology you’re considering.]

5. Future
[Finally you should try to consider what the future for this topic, technology or device might be. You may outline this from other sources and / or perhaps provide your own speculation or perspective. You can decide if you want to consider the near future (e.g. 6 – 12 months), the medium term (e.g. 2 – 3 years) or even the long term (e.g. the next 5+ years, or more!). It’s up to you, whatever you think is appropriate.]


Appendix A: Literature Review
[You are expected to review and summarize 8 information sources/resources from within the broad area of Computing and, in particular, your chosen specialist area.]

Appendix B: Bibliography

[A list references for the main information items you have sourced and reviewed. These must be accurate and match the requirements given for this assignment for books & e-books, journals and databases, magazines, newspaper articles etc. and on-line and web-based materials and resources]

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