Transformation, Distortion, the Metamorphic Border

Write a one page single spaced introduction and a 1 page single spaced conclusion for the piece of writing attached below. The writing piece includes 11 installments of reflection on different works of writing comparing the east and west: writings of tresspass.

The paper topic for each installment and the entire paper is as follows:


Throughout the course of the semester, you will develop a far-reaching paper to be handed in at the conclusion of the term (13-15 pages total, single-spaced). To this end, each week you will submit a commentary (one page, single-spaced) that engages with some aspect of the reading for that week. This does not need to be a comprehensive analysis that covers the entire selection, but rather an episode, moment, example, passage, or excerpt that you isolate and interpret in depth. The objective is to use close examination of each course reading, quoting and theorizing various dimensions therein, towards the formulation of broader philosophical reflection. The paper topic for this semester is as follows:

Transformation, Distortion, the Metamorphic Border

Track the various ways in which the imagined boundary between East and West marks a site of transformation, distortion, and radical metamorphosis. Note significant shifts in each author’s negotiation of this border-crossing, i.e. how moving between worlds of East and West allows them to drastically reconfigure and rethink issues of identity, language, self, and body. In essence, what are the major deviations that take place in this traversal, and how does this disturbance of reality/normality allow for new and unique experiences to emerge? Since the hallucination of the cultural-civilizational other is always just a bizarre re-orientation of one’s own self and context, a shape-shifting mirror or mirage allowing one to tempt the unknown or the forbidden, what are the most compelling existential experiments, alterations, and possibilities that begin to take place on the other side of things? Note: you may interpret this broad question along whatever trajectories you wish, but should particularly investigate the important changes in certain concepts, such as:

Time, Space, Power, Sensation, Excess, Madness, Sacrifice, Death, Movement, Abandonment, Animality, Memory/Forgetting, Reality/Illusion, Desire, Destruction, Pain, Pleasure, Cruelty, Obscurity, Fragmentation, Transgression, Mood, Fate, Language, Fear, Loss, Nature, Images, and Objects.

Write a clear, intriguing and impactful introduction and conclusion comparing the concepts of Transformation, Distortion, the Metamorphic Border. Make sure it is not a generalization and summary of the text or what you are saying but rather an intriguing story that introduces the reader to what you will be talking about, what you are highlighting, arguing and emphasizing on. Each paper has 6 parts; I.THEORY (precise philosophical statements), II. OPENING ANALYSIS (of the larger idea), III.CLOSE TEXTUAL READING/TEXTUAL QUOTES (from the week’s reading), IV.SUB-CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT (taking apart various minor themes), V. OUTSIDE QUOTE (from thinker on the list), VI. CONCLUSION (seek broader implications), and make sure you address and consider all parts of the installment while writing the introduction and conclusion.

Make sure it is impactful and not based on a moral thinking, rather think out of the box and be critical

Permit-required confined spaces ( manhole)

I’ll attach the instructions and the suggested layout. Now this paper is talking about Permit-required confined spaces and specifically MANHOLE. Basically, It’s all about the manhole. Please focus on this part and the suggested layout. Make sure you cover all steps. For the sources, they must be an APA style. A good one would be:

Try to find more sources that are strongly related to my topic. Do not hesitate to ask for more explanation. I’ll provide you with the instructions and the suggested layout and a form to fill out after finishing the task.

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