Modern European History

The aim of this paper is to familiarize yourselves in greater depth with one particular 60-year period of European history. You will study those years from a number of different perspectives to see the interplay of events, beliefs and ideas. To write this paper, you will begin by making a comprehensive timeline made up of the following:

1) You will choose any 60 year period between the years 1800 and 1968.
2) Based on those years, create 3 separate timelines: one is political, one is cultural and one will document individual and collective rights.
3) Create the timelines online using the website Preceden. You will use my account and their site to create a multi-layered timeline displaying the events. (username and password will be given later).
4) Each of the first two timelines must contain at least 5 events, and the third (rights) must contain at least 3 events. You are free to include more.
5) At least 7 of those 13 must be drawn from the book Sources for Western Society, Third Edition, Volume 2 by John McKay and friends. (3 in each of the first two, 1 in the third).
6) You will place each event in its designated timeline, and include a brief sentence or two of description in the “Notes” section (of Preceden). You must also include the sources of the event that you list, whether its from the book or internet.

Once you have completed the online timelines, you will write a 4 page paper. For the paper, imagine you are writing a section in a textbook about that particular 60-year period. How would you describe it? What characterizes the era? What were the major developments? How did external, political events impact the thought and behavior of the period? What changes took place and why? Make sure to weave as many of the events from your timelines as possible into the paper.

Structure your paper in a way that it has a thesis and follows an orderly argument. What stands out most about the period to you? What kind of conclusions did you make looking at the timeline that you might not have known otherwise? What is the defining character of the era, in your assessment?

I have put the sources to 2 so that the specified book (it needs to be the same exact book) and other sources could be used.

I have put the type of paper needed to research paper after asking Tiffany from the chat service for help and she told me to add a page for the timeline. Hence, 5 pages meant 4 page paper and 1 page for the timeline, since the writer needs to only write a sentence or two about the events. Let me know if this works or not.

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