Three essays :

1-Compare the first Amendments “Freedom of speech” right to the” fair trial “right specific in the sixth and seventh Amendment.

2-The second will deal with the “due process “aspect of the fifth and fourteenth Amendment.

3-Concern the development of “ privacy right “ which were not specifically stated in the US constitution

Each one should be has 6 pages of content, should use all APA 6th items .and must include specific information related to the issue , discussed 3-5 legal cases with bearing upon issues at hand , some historical development and current acts ,and the resultant actions or activities related in the healthcare profession .

* When you write please use easy world because i am international student.
* don’t use (me, us, 3rd person, and ing verb )
* When you write number of people like 19% of the people or something like that, you have to write the number of the page that you got this point from it.

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